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Cool wore the 1858 Manual Small Second Blue Dial on his most recent Everest climb with Fogle. Cool smiles and says that he only had three things in mind when he reached the summit, including photographing the 1858 at the top of the globe. He shakes his head and says that any time spent at high altitude will affect memory. "I failed to accomplish all three of the things that I was supposed to. My cognitive reasoning was impaired because I had to give Ben my oxygen supply due to an oxygen problem. "I am so angry I didn't understand the picture but I at least kept the client alive!"

The 1858 worked flawlessly during the climb, even at temperatures as low as -25 degrees. Cool's nonchalance may surprise some watch enthusiasts. He says, "It worked up to Everest's summit." "It was not serviced before my trip, but how could it fail? They are well-engineered and often exceed the needs of most people. "I doubt that anyone else would test their watch to such a high standard, but it is important to note that they can do it."

Cool's 1858 Manual Small Second, which he wore on Everest

When you're dealing with a phenomenon such as Everest, trusting the product and having that capability is essential. It is important to know how much oxygen remains in the cylinder, and when that needs changing. Also, it is crucial to adhere strictly with turnaround times. Mobile phones do not like the cold. For Cool, analog is his only choice. He has been loyal to it since he was a young child when he got his first Timex Mickey Mouse Watch.

Cool declares, "I wear watches all the time." The only time I don't wear a watch is when I am rock climbing. Many people wear their luxury watches only on special occasions.Omega Replica However, they are useful tools that should be worn every day. In my career, I've worn many watches from Kobolds to Bremonts and they have all survived intact. In my youth, I was more interested in wearing a watch for its materialistic value. I was born in a wealthy neighborhood, but my family wasn't well off. Watches are aspirational. As long as you don't let your aspirations take over, I think it's okay to have a green-eyed Monster. As I travel around the world, I see poverty. Material things are less important. But, every now and then, the seven-year old in me wants the pen and watch.