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Omega Replica

The new Omega Replica is a unique model that, as its name implies, incorporates the hour-display principle of the Spin Time mechanism housed in the Escale case.

Omega Replica dials are hand-painted, which is what makes them so unique. Hours are displayed by 12 rotating cubes, each with numerals printed on both sides. The watch displays time in 24-hour format.

The cubes rotate at the hour. They change their position by 20 degrees just a few moments before the hour is struck, and then snap into place to show the current hour. Hour cubes display the current time by displaying the numerals of the hour. The other cubes feature hand-painted nautical symbols. Two of the 12 cubes have four faces,swiss replica watches two of which are used for the numerals of the current hour and two of them feature nautical flags. Pad printing, which involves transferring the inks from depressions on the image using a silicone pad, has been used to render them by hand.

Omega Replica, unlike other Spin Time models only shows one time zone. The caliber LV77, a movement manufactured in-house by Escale, powers the hours and minute display with Spin Time functions.Rolex Datejust Replica Watches The mechanism oscillates with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations an hour (4 Hz), and is capable of providing 42 hours of reserve power.

The new Omega Replica watch is housed in an elegant titanium case that measures 41mm in diameter by 11.2mm thick. You can choose between 18-karat pink and white gold for the bezel, horns, and crown.

The sapphire caseback displays an aluminum disk and oscillating weight which rotates exactly around the large "LV" outlined in frosted glasses. Water resistance is guaranteed for the Omega Replica down to 30 meters.